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Welcome to St. Louis Dog School

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Who We Are

I'm Tyler Rollins. I have been working with dogs since 2011. I personally specialize and work with a lot of dogs that are showing signs of aggression and/or are highly anxious.

My goal with St. Louis Dog School is to shut down shelters and rescues by providing my clients with the most comprehensive training program!

We will bring out the best in you and your dog so you can live in peace together!

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Services We Offer

We pride ourselves on having The Most Comprehensive Training Program in the St. Louis area. We work with a limited amount of dogs each month so we can devote more quality time and attention to each dog. This leads to the very best results possible!

When it comes to the commands your dog learns, we focus on Brilliance at the Basics! We are focusing on a few and making them REALLY good at them! This also allows us to focus on their mental state, which is the core of their bad behaviors.
All of our programs will include reliability for basic commands
Place- Go lay on your bed and relax
Down- Lay down where you’re at and relax
Heel- Come to me and walk beside me.
As well as crate training, waiting for food, waiting at thresholds, and minor issues like leash pulling, jumping on people, rushing out the door, ect.

Some programs will cover more severe problems like; excessive barking, lunging at people or dogs, food or resource guarding, separation or other anxious behavior, fear issues, reactivity on-leash, ect.


Home School

These programs are for owners who have the time, patience, and can hold themselves accountable to do the daily training and dogs who have minimal issues. 

Our Trainers will come to you on a weekly basis to work with the dog directly, demonstrate how to do the training, and teach the owners how to continue and advance the dog's skills.

We usually see results in about 5-8 lessons in these programs.


Dog School

The Dog School program is for owners who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to training their dog every single day and dogs with minimal issues. 

This takes a lot of the work off of your plate and the majority of the training is done by professional trainers. Monday-Thursday we will pick up your dog in the morning and bring them back to you at the end of our day. 

We usually see results in 4-6 weeks with these programs.

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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.


Brian Jackson

Highly suggest Stl dog school. Tyler is one of the best I’ve ever worked with in dog training! My dog was in need of some obedience training & tyler has done everything that I have wanted for yadi..! Love it so much that I still have him go with Tyler twice a week even after the month program!! The picture is yadi looking out the window every morning waiting on Tyler to arrive.


Emily Crews

Let me get right to it: whatever your goals are for your dog, STL Dog School will help you get there. Tyler is extremely knowledgeable and has a great mix of experience with different dogs and environments. He really listens to you and makes a plan to get you there. Prices are very reasonable and transparent. The pickup and drop off has also been a life saver for our family as my husband and I are both healthcare shift workers. Tyler puts in the work with your dog and empowers you with the tools to keep it up. Can’t recommend this place highly enough!


Chuck Pecher

Murphy, our 7-month-old Double Doodle, was in need of obedience and manners training that we were struggling to provide. Tyler stopped by the house to discuss, and it became apparent that he had the right experience and temperament to do the job. Murphy has responded well to the training; we have learned a lot from the feedback and training that Tyler provides to us! Murphy is waiting excitedly at the front door for Tyler to pick him up in the morning and is happy and exhausted when he comes home in the afternoon! So far, the results have exceeded our expectations! If you and your dog need some help, we would highly recommend Tyler and The St. Louis Dog School!

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